Flash Fiction: Sand and Rain

Flakes from the sand man’s skin are floating in my coffee. The sun’s not up yet, but the rain sure is. I can hear it, hammering on the glass roof. I sound like I’m under fire, like I should be running for cover. Instead I’m pushing around the orange dust, the dregs from the last box of cornflakes, on the table – maybe I can spell a word? Is there enough dust to make a sentence? You’re the man of this house now. 
I wish I could go back to that day. Before then. With mum and dad, with Kitty – with the rain on the sand – I never realized before that day that it could rain on the beach. Silly, really.
Parents laughing. Kitty screaming with delight. It was a miracle. Something new. The Heavens were open. Every god in the sky united in the task of pissing on us, this family. We loved it.
But then they didn’t stop pissing on us. And we got bored.


This piece is complemented by : Raindrop


wonder what egg cracked the night
the universe was born

what animal
squalled all night to push it forth

Had it scales? Horns?
What of its teeth?
Could it breathe fire?
Was it in chains?

Chrome steel. Fearful?
Its muzzle, the moon.

and are those same chains
the ones that scattered

as it wrenched

itself free –

forming stars –

that now die on my tongue?

Betterer, Clevererer, Happierer : Resolutions* for 2016

Oh hi, 2016. I see you have arrived.

I see you got here a while ago – sorry to keep you waiting. It’s just I’ve been a little busy. I hope you don’t mind. I am about to make my resolutions now, though. I don’t think February is too late to start thinking about the things I would like to achieve this year.

What’s that you say? It is a little late, yes. I understand that. But it’s not too late – oh? You think it is too late? Well screw you, 2016. What the fuck do you know? You’re just a four-digit number, why should I listen to anything you have to say? You know NOTHING. I’m going to make my new year’s resolutions in February and you can’t stop me. Who says you can only make resolutions in January? That’s a stupid rule. I will do as I damn please. So thank you, 2016, but your opinion is worthless. Goodbye.


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Books That Changed Me : The Best of 2015

The best books are the ones that change us.

The following seven books are those that I feel have changed me the most in the past year. The ones that made me think, made me look at the world a little differently, the ones that introduced me to exciting new ideas and authors. 2015 was the first year I tracked everything I read and really made an effort to hunt down things that were a little different to my usual tastes. At the end of it all, I can say it was a fantastic experience, that everyone should do it, and that I very much look forward to doing it again next year!

Needless to say, I would thoroughly recommend all of these. So without further ado, here are my top seven reads of 2015 ❤

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Book Review : Reasons She Goes to the Woods by Deborah Kay Davies


​The weeping willow Pearl is riding dips its neck into a clear, brown stream. Sssshhhh, she whispers, as she pats the bucking trunk and grips with her thighs. Above her, the willow tosses its shaggy arms. Slim, fish-shaped leaves fall past Pearl and plop into the stream. She dangles over to watch and inhales as the slivers of green swim away; the stream’s breath smells of bright weeds, frogspawn, lichened pebbles…

These are some of the reasons she comes to the woods.

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Book Review : Challenger Deep by Neal Shusterman



The fear of not living is a deep, abiding dread of watching your own potential decompose into irredeemable disappointment when “should be” gets crushed by what is. Sometimes I think it would be easier to die than to face that, because “what could have been” is much more highly regarded than “what should have been”. Dead kids are put on pedestals, but mentally ill kids get hidden under the rug.

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