Hi. I’m Ella – English student, bibliophile and professional lemon.

Welcome to the majestical hinterlands of my mind. Here you will find whirlwind thoughts, banana peels, philosophical fragments, fairy dust and bits of fluff blowing about. Feel free to amble about and explore at your leisure.

I love talking about books. Magical realism, fantasy, literary fiction, dystopias and fairy tales are my jam. I also love super abstract poetry, and anything that explores the fascinating entrails of the human mind. Sylvia Plath is my Jesus.

I’m an insomniac, vegan, feminist, fantasist, misanthropist, philanthropist, tree hugger, Ravenclaw, and mermaid.

My favourite animals are otters and sharks. I also love Lady Gaga, and tea.

All opinions expressed belong to someone else.


Welcome! 🙂



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